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Provider Nexus API

Offer users dynamic provider directory search functionality, facilitating benefit enrollment and member engagement based on their unique needs. The Provider Nexus API leverages Zelis’ comprehensive network data to integrate provider-search solutions without the burden of data management and storage.

API Overview

Data management elevated

The Provider Nexus API capitalizes on our decades of experience and payer relationships to collect, clean and standardize provider network data to create a consistent and consolidated multi-payer provider directory. Paired with our innovative search technologies, Provider Nexus offers users flexibility and the ability to scale without the need for costly data management infrastructure.

What to Expect

Why Zelis?

Zelis modernizes healthcare financial experiences through data-driven technology, and our APIs simplify everyday healthcare experiences for your users. The Provider Nexus API integrates reliable network-tagged provider data into your existing consumer enrollment and member engagement platforms without the associated costs of data management.

Advantages Breakdown

  • Make provider data available within benefit enrollment or member engagement platforms
  • Search by geolocation, provider type, specialty, name and other attributes
  • Search across commercial, Medicare, exchange, vision, dental, and behavioral health networks
  • 99.99% up-time, fast call responses and comprehensive support
  • End-to-end provider directory data management, from collection, cleaning and aggregation to the API call

Use Cases

Provider search made simple

Use Case

Provider Nexus: Medicare Advantage

When Sidney’s Medicare Advantage plan changed, Provider Nexus’ robust search functionality helped him find providers suited to his needs.

View Use Case

Use Case

Provider Nexus: Individual & Family Health Plans

Learn how Eliza uses the Zelis Provider Nexus API to facilitate member enrollment with flexible provider directory search functionality.

View Use Case

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