Easy Medicare Advantage

Sidney didn’t enjoy changes in his healthcare. His Medicare Advantage plan and provider were set and renewed for years without hassle. But, when Sidney recently moved closer to his grandchildren, his plan changed, and now he had to find a new provider. What Sidney didn’t expect were the improvements his health insurance company had made with their customer support.

The representative he spoke to made enrollment a breeze. Sidney had questions—a lot of questions—and the rep had answers. Sidney completed his enrollment confidently, feeling reassured about his coverage and grateful for the rep’s expertise. The rep’s secret? The Provider Nexus API.

Why It Matters

Individualized care options

Sidney had very particular requirements for his healthcare providers. He never expected this new plan to meet all his demands, but instead, there were so many options! Sidney’s rep listened to his needs and offered recommendations for his healthcare requirements and personal preferences. The rep was informed and helpful when Sidney asked about facilities near his new residence or inquired about care from specific provider specialties.

The Provider Nexus API grants access to Zelis’ vast data network. Zelis is a leader in the healthcare financial space, and Provider Nexus leverages Zelis’ decades of experience and relationships to streamline the search process.

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Zelis APIs

Top-notch technical support

Consistency and reliability are hallmarks of Zelis APIs. Zelis support teams are technical experts who are available around the clock. Zelis support ensures that Provider Nexus performs whenever clients make calls. This consistency means clients can focus on what is essential – providing healthcare solutions.

Calls: fast & secure

The Provider Nexus API conducts secure calls enabled by the flexibility and speed of a REST API. OAuth2 security and access management ensures protected calls 24/7/365.

API Solution

Zelis enables users

We are more than just healthcare provider aggregators. Zelis’ innovative catalog of APIs bolsters platforms with intelligent technologies designed to reduce friction in the healthcare financial space. Read on to learn how to leverage Zelis innovation to boost your platform’s performance.

Why Zelis?

Efficiency Exemplified

Deep Databases

Offer clients curated provider searches by leveraging Zelis’s massive database to offer unique provider searches based on their needs. rnrn

Fast Calls

REST-based calls ensure speedy completion of requests. rnrn

Bespoke Benefits

Allow clients to find providers based on their requirements, such as geolocation, gender, hospital affiliation, and more.

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