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Eliza loves the open enrollment period. Sure, it is hectic, but Eliza thrives in her role as a customer support representative for a health plan brokerage. She enjoys guiding clients through the maze of choices involved with selecting their family health plans. Eliza’s customer service efforts are bolstered by the Provider Nexus API. With a few quick inputs, Eliza can explore a wealth of relevant information about a provider and direct her clients to the services best suiting their needs.

Why It Matters

Personalized care options

Eliza cherishes the little things about her client interactions, like when a client learns that providers are available and fluent in their first language. That change in tone, light with surprised relief, says everything. Eliza lives for the moments that Provider Nexus makes possible.

The scope of data Provider Nexus accesses increases the likelihood that hits will return regardless of a client’s preferences. Whether a client is seeking a provider of a specific gender, or a provider located at a particular hospital, Eliza usually has options to offer.

Use Case Featured APIs

  • Provider Nexus

Zelis APIs

Steadfast support

Consistency and reliability are hallmarks of Zelis APIs. The dedicated efforts of the Zelis support teams go unnoticed by users like Eliza because the system rarely goes down. Comprised of technical experts and available around the clock, Zelis support ensures that Provider Nexus performs whenever Eliza makes calls. Such consistency means that disruptions are the last thing on Eliza’s mind, so she can focus instead on assisting her clients.

Calls: fast & secure

The Provider Nexus API conducts secure calls enabled by the flexibility and speed of a REST API. OAuth2 security and access management ensures protected calls 24/7/365.

Why Zelis?

Zelis enables users

We are more than just healthcare provider aggregators. Zelis’ innovative catalog of APIs bolsters platforms with intelligent technologies designed to reduce friction in the healthcare financial space. Read on to learn how to leverage Zelis innovation to bolster your platform’s performance.

Why Zelis?

Efficiency Exemplified

Deep Databases

Offer clients curated provider searches by leveraging Zelis’s massive database to offer unique provider searches based on their needs.

Fast Calls

REST-based calls ensure speedy completion of requests.

Variable Payment Options

Allow clients to find providers based on their requirements, such as geolocation, gender, hospital affiliation, and more.

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