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Matteo has a new insurance provider and found out the doctor he has had for 20 years will no longer be in-network.  He started to research a new PCP but struggled to find any meaningful information.  

All Matteo wanted was a simple, easy-to-understand way to gauge potential doctors. If things like televisions, toasters, and ride-share drivers had cost and quality information why couldn’t he find them for doctors? 

Why It Matters

Quality rankings offer peace of mind

Much to Matteo’s relief, his new insurance provider offered a portal that utilized Zelis’ Provider Search with Quality Data API. Provider Search’s Quality Data enhancement meant that whenever Matteo searched for a provider, his matches would feature a quality label, plus other information relevant to Matteo. Such labels allowed Matteo to sort and prioritize options based on their quality rating.

Much like he would gauge a vacuum cleaner based on the number of stars it received on a retail site, Matteo could quickly determine which providers received a quality ranking in his search.

Provider Search’s optional Quality Data helped Matteo navigate the confusion of choosing a medical provider. Emboldened by the accessible information returned by the Provider Search’s database, Matteo now had absolute confidence in his provider selection.

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  • Provider Search: Quality Data

Zelis APIs

Informed provider selection

Provider Search API with Quality Data offers API consumers curated data designed to bolster member experiences. Offer members confidence and peace of mind when evaluating provider options with quality-rated metrics that remove the uncertainty of arbitrary selection.

Magnify utility while shrinking confusion

In the ever-changing healthcare financial space, Zelis offers reliability through vetted, accurate, and quality-rated data. Leverage Zelis-curated data to enhance search utility and improve member experiences.

API Solutions

Zelis enables users

We are more than data specialists. Zelis’ innovative catalog of APIs bolsters platforms with intelligent technologies designed to reduce friction in the healthcare financial space. Read on to learn how to leverage Zelis innovation to boost your platform’s performance.

Provider Search

Why Zelis?

Efficiency Exemplified

Accessible Data

User-friendly metrics and quality labels help users evaluate selections with ease

Custom Configuration

Clients can customize their data for specific business needs

Boost Member Confidence

Members feel more assured choosing quality ranked providers even if pricing is higher

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