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Zelis APIs remove the friction in healthcare financial experiences by harnessing data-driven insights and human expertise, producing innovative, connected platforms to bridge the gaps in the healthcare system.


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Welcome to the Zelis Marketplace – your one-stop destination for revolutionary API solutions to streamline your healthcare financial platform. We understand firsthand the obstacles in this dynamic space and developed these APIs to improve your operations. Reduce strain on customer support while trimming costs, improving billing accuracy and increasing client satisfaction.

Zelis’ premium API products transform the healthcare financial system into a more transparent and efficient space.

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Zelis Expertise Drives Efficiency

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Zelis develops and curates all the best-in-class APIs to modernize your platform to facilitate smooth user experiences.  

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Removing the friction from your platforms means less time managing member concerns and more time providing quality service.  

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Zelis is a leader in the healthcare financial space, and we’re here to help you get the most out of our APIs.

Zelis APIs

Featured Products

Search Claims

Allow users to search digital claims information securely on your platform.

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Search ID Cards

Provide users with encrypted search functionality of member ID cards on your platform.

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View Claims

Review digital claims information directly on your platform.

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View ID Cards

Shrink overhead and increase user joy with secure ID card retrieval on your platform.

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Developer portal

Space for Developers

Looking for technical documentation? Skip the overview. Access the Zelis Developer Portal to find API references and our guides to getting started, so you can seamlessly implement and embed Zelis APIs into your applications.

Use Cases

Leading by example

Examine real-world examples of how our APIs can optimize day-to-day operations, shrinking overhead while adding value and utility. Learn how adopting Zelis APIs can positively impact platform functionality and boost user engagement.

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Zelis strives to reduce healthcare financial barriers with innovative technologies designed for ease of use. At every stage of the healthcare financial process, Zelis’ mission is to achieve frictionless functionality. Our skilled support representatives are ready to assist with everything from pricing inquiries to onboarding – all to ensure a best-in-class experience.

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