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Claims Document Search

Provide your users with swift claims document search functionality and enjoy expedited settlements with less overhead. Allow users to manage their claims electronically, avoiding the hassle of paper records.

API Overview

Claims queries modernized

Streamline your platform’s claims processing and offer your users a modern solution to medical record keeping. Transitioning away from slow, costly paper claims documents helps trim operational expenses. In addition, offering your users the option to search and view records on demand increases transparency and reduces customer service resources. Save money while boosting user satisfaction.

Zelis’ Claims Document Search API integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, providing users with an easy-to-use interface for searching claims records.

What to Expect

Why Zelis?

Zelis modernizes healthcare financial experiences through data-driven technology, and our APIs simplify everyday healthcare experiences for your users. The Claims Document Search API supports reliable and secure access to online records.

Advantages Breakdown

  • Paperless recordkeeping  
  • Reduced customer service calls 
  • Faster claims fulfillment 
  • Faster billing error correction
  • More billing transparency  
Use Case

Search, retrieve: simple

Learn how real-world users can enjoy paperless, and stress-free, healthcare experiences through our search and retrieval APIs.

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