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Obstacles litter the healthcare financial system, grinding down efficiency and raising costs. These aren’t just inefficiencies; they’re stressors for users like Sam, who struggles with the onslaught of her family’s paper records. Zelis search and retrieval APIs streamline your operations by removing these wasteful and costly blockers—while offering a stress-free, modern user experience.  

Enhancing User Experiences

Remove obstacles and empower action

Removing unnecessary paper records from the healthcare financial chain offers numerous advantages. From reduced overhead to better data security, paperless recordkeeping is a boon for trimming operations costs while improving user value. Let Zelis guide your platform to peak optimization with a suite of APIs that improve operational efficiency.

Use Case Featured APIs

  • Claims Document Search
  • View Claims Document
  • Search ID Cards
  • View ID Cards

Zelis APIs

Paperless efficiencies, optimized experiences

Sam has managed her family’s healthcare for years, and the cascade of paperwork remained a constant source of anxiety. When Sam’s insurance provider augmented their client portal with Zelis Search and Retrieval APIs, Sam noticed an upgraded user experience. Claims management improved for Sam thanks to the paperless record-keeping enabled by the Zelis Claims Document Search and View Claims Document APIs. Instead of maintaining stacks of paper claims and EOBs, Sam can now search for and view a claim document directly through her client portal.

This functionality makes Sam aware of claims, including payments due, allowing her to manage her family’s healthcare expenses seamlessly.

Eliminate anxieties, resolve user crises

Sam frantically searched for her daughter’s insurance ID card while checking in for a doctor’s appointment—and holding a sick, squirming toddler. At an alarming 102° F., her daughter’s fever rose with Sam’s worry. Sam was about to panic after examining every pocket of her wallet and coat. Then she remembered her insurance portal recently added digital options for documents like ID cards. Because of the Zelis Search ID Cards and View ID Cards APIs, Sam could search for a digital copy of her daughter’s insurance ID and complete checking in for the appointment, all without setting down her daughter.

Solutions Anytime, Anywhere

Boost utility while increasing user agency

Zelis Search and Retrieval APIs provide 24/7 user access to crucial documentation. Remove the need for time-consuming customer service calls and cut costs associated with document replacement. Reduce settlement time with transparent claims access. Prevent disruptions in care with digital ID card access. Zelis APIs offer elegant solutions to modern problems combined with seamless platform integration. 

Zelis Enables Users

Efficiency Exemplified

Claims Transparency

Reduce the cost and hassle associated with billing and claims discrepancies. Digital records add transparency and convenience to the healthcare financial space.

Fast Settlement

Claims are paid sooner when users can search and view digital claims and EOB documents. Eliminate delays and improve settlement time, with modern, digital document solutions.  

Rapid Replacement

Losing physical claims documents is no longer a hassle – users can search and view claims directly through your platform. Optimize recordkeeping and reduce needs for physical document replacement. 

Zelis APIs

Featured Products

Search Claims

Allow users to search digital claims information securely on your platform.

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Search ID Cards

Provide users with encrypted search functionality of member ID cards on your platform.

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View Claims

Review digital claims information directly on your platform.

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View ID Cards

Shrink overhead and increase user joy with secure ID card retrieval on your platform.

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