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Digital Health ID Pass

Offer your members peace of mind with secure digital access to identification, payment, and loyalty cards directly on your platform. Provide added protection and convenience for the documentation essential for navigating daily life.  

API Overview

Organize and digitally protect crucial documentation

Thanks to the many advantages of digital documentation, paperless living is more ubiquitous than ever. Empower members and release them from the hassle and limitations of carrying physical documents with practical digital solutions designed to streamline daily life–all while cutting waste and business costs.

Zelis’ Digital Health ID Pass lets your platform seamlessly connect members with digital health plan IDs. Use this API to facilitate digital backup and display of pass versions of member ID cards. Members may conveniently display their health plan ID in their smartphones’ digital wallets.

Zelis offers two options for integrating the Digital Health ID Pass. The payer may choose full integration or a stand-alone webform process that does not require API integration into the payer’s platform. Instead, the payer can provide members with invitational links through email, text messages, or printed QR codes via distributed materials. Members can use the links or codes to connect their existing Apple or Google wallet applications to display their health plan ID cards.

Additional Details:
Membership File – An additional file is needed to implement this product. The membership file identifies members within a selected group who are approved to receive a digital ID (providing historical group membership to ensure all your members have access to digital IDs). The member file is essential for proper PHI/PII protection, as it feeds the member gateway. The membership file spec can be provided upon request.

What to Expect

Why Zelis?

Zelis modernizes healthcare financial experiences through data-driven technology, and our APIs simplify everyday healthcare experiences for your users. The Digital Health ID Pass gives your users secure and instant access to their member information.

Advantages Breakdown

  • Instant, easy replacement of lost ID  
  • High-level encryption  
  • Reduction in customer service overhead 
  • Paperless, green option
  • No disruption in services for user 
Use Case

Smart Digital Options

Explore the benefits of offering digital health ID documentation directly through members’ smart devices.

View use case

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