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As a member services representative for a health insurance provider, Reggie spends much of his time assisting members with navigating their health plans. In recent years, Reggie has noticed a desire from new members to manage their plans digitally and independently. This behavior is especially true as members become increasingly tech-savvy. These users wish to have more hands-on experiences without involving service representatives. Reggie loves introducing the Digital Health ID Pass to each new member he speaks with. Integrating this API enables users to store their health plan information right in their digital wallets.

Why It Matters

Increased member convenience

When Reggie explains the Digital Health ID Pass functionality to new members, they are surprised and excited. Many people already utilize a digital wallet application on their smartphones. The Digital Health ID Pass permits members to carry their health plan information in their existing Apple or Google wallets. It can also interface with a provider’s portal or mobile application, directing members to additional resources.

Users love the ease of access and security a digital ID allows. Plus, replacement is fast and easy without contacting a service representative.

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  • Digital Health ID Pass

Zelis APIs

Modern savings solutions

Digital Health ID Pass, when paired with Digital ID card images, offer members a fully digital option for plan ID cards. Members love the simplicity of digital documents and the reduced clutter they offer. Removing print costs from your operation increases savings and reduces waste.

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World class support

For those looking for diverse integration options, Zelis offers an alternative with minimal development required. Clients can utilize the Member Gateway Webform to guide their members in entering a few identifying details, enabling them to retrieve their Digital Health ID Pass directly from the Zelis-hosted webform.

Zelis experts are here to offer seamless integration and best-in-class support for whichever solution is right for your organization.

API Solutions

Zelis enables users

We are more than just digital experience specialists. Zelis’ innovative catalog of APIs bolsters platforms with intelligent technologies designed to reduce friction in the healthcare financial space. Read on to learn how to leverage Zelis innovation to boost your platform’s performance.

Why Zelis?

Efficiency Exemplified

Paperless Option

Offer modern convenience with digital health plan access

Secure Solution

Leverage Android and Apple security options like biometric locks to secure data

Reduced Overhead

Eliminate the print and mail costs of physical IDs

Zelis APIs

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Digital Health ID Pass

Offer secure viewing of member plan IDs on mobile devices with Apple or Google Wallet.

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