Provider Search API

Empower members with a robust self-service tool powered by Zelis data. The Provider Search API allows members to conduct provider searches based on personally relevant metrics, such as provider-accepted networks, specialty, education details, and location. In addition, returned results comply with the Transparency in Coverage (TiC) mandate by indicating that out-of-network costs are related to non-network coverage. Zelis’ meticulously curated data allows Provider Search to enhance platform search calls to include information members most desire.

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API Overview

Accessible and transparent cost estimates

Data drives the healthcare space, and Zelis is an industry leader in optimizing healthcare data to produce targeted results. Powered by Zelis’s vast data resources, the Provider Search API enables clients to offer members accurate and TiC-compliant cost estimates. API consumers can tailor this data to meet operational needs while bolstering member experiences by delivering relevant provider data and personalized cost estimates.

What to Expect

Why Zelis?

Zelis modernizes healthcare financial experiences through data-driven technology, and our APIs simplify everyday healthcare experiences for your members. The Provider Search API gives your members TiC-compliant cost estimates based on their unique search inquiries.

Advantages Breakdown

  • Data fully compliant with Transparency in Coverage mandate
  • Curated data by Zelis experts
  • Calls made with billing code or short description for ease of use
  • Returns both in and out-of-network services to aid consumer choice
Use Case

Compliant Provider Searches

Learn how Zelis’s Provider Search API can offer your members cost-estimate searches fully compliant with TiC mandates.

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