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Lena works for a prominent Payer as a billing administrator. One of her many duties includes processing binder and premium payments. However, the limitations of her department’s old billing system created pain points that slowed Lena and extended the payment processing time.

When Lena’s employer upgraded their infrastructure with the Premiums Payments API, everything changed.

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Remove obstacles and empower action

The Zelis Premiums Payment API grants Lena a suite of payment functionalities that streamline her daily tasks. With the Premiums Payments API, Lena can send payments, issue refunds, and conduct payment queries on batch payments. Tasks that used to take her hours Lena now can do in minutes.

Batch payments were a particular pain point for Lena. The old system required a lot of manual intervention on her part. With the Premiums Payments API, Lena initiates a batch pay request and the system does the rest. Everything in the batch was traced through a unique identifier, and the API even generated a batch report providing Lena with details on the status of each payment.

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Streamlined integration

Lena was unaware of how smoothly Zelis integrates the Premiums Payments API. She knew the system worked when she needed it to. What Lena didn’t see behind the scenes were the Zelis integration experts who ensured that the system worked as intended. Lena just enjoyed the reliability and ease it brought to her daily tasks.

Fast, flexible, and secure

The Premiums Payments API offers secure payment calls enabled by the flexibility and speed of a REST API. OAuth2 security and access management ensures protected calls 24/7/365.

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We are more than just payment system specialists. Zelis’ innovative catalog of APIs bolsters platforms with intelligent technologies designed to reduce friction in the healthcare financial space. Read on to learn how to leverage Zelis innovation to boost your platform’s performance.

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Enjoy binder and premium payment functionality with a hosted payment page model.rnrn

Speedy Settlements

Receive settlements faster, with more security and without a need to maintain payment information.rnrn

Variable Payment Options

Flexible payment requests for Credit Card/Debit Card, ACH, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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Submit payments, including binder and premium, refunds, and query payment status with a secured REST API.

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