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Provider Search: Quality Data

Zelis’ Provider Search includes cost estimates so members can weigh the financial costs when making provider choices. With the Quality Data enhancement, members can evaluate providers based on scoring metrics based on both the cost and quality of a provider.

Leverage Zelis’ years of technical expertise in delivering member-ready data and action-ready insights to embed your provider search with current provider metrics relevant to your members’ needs.

API Overview

Boost member trust

Members care about finding the right provider to ensure the best health outcomes, but they can feel overwhelmed by the search process, especially in their moments of need. Alleviate member stress and elevate confidence by incorporating relevant provider metrics alongside search results. Zelis’s Provider Search with Quality Data API offers access to provider quality scores, creating a more comprehensive analysis of provider options.

Integrating provider reviews within your platform incentivizes members to remain on your platform rather than seeking provider metrics elsewhere. Encourage member engagement through expertly aggregated patient assessments of in-network providers while also lifting members’ confidence in their chosen providers.

What to Expect

Why Zelis?

Zelis modernizes healthcare financial experiences through data-driven technology, and our APIs simplify everyday healthcare experiences for your users. The Provider Search with Quality Data API offers members qualitative provider metrics and TiC-compliant (Transparency in Coverage) cost estimates, allowing members to select providers and services with total peace of mind.

Advantages Breakdown

  • Visibility into qualitative metrics such as provider quality and breakdown scores
  • Boosted member confidence in provider selections
  • Improved healthcare journeys
  • Data-driven enhancement that is continually refined and adjusted by Zelis specialists
Use Case

Enhance your platform’s workflow

Learn how Zelis’s Provider Search with Quality Data API can offer your members provider searches enhanced with qualitative metrics and cost-estimate searches compliant with the Transparency in Coverage mandate. Improve members’ confidence and trust through accessible provider metrics and ratings.

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